Let yourself be hurled into the turbine of time by the colours, composition and plasticity of the photographs to experience your most exciting impresions. The photographs turn to you showing their refined charm and opening the space of seeing. Good luck while flying!






The skills of mixing tasteful choise of music charm the audience like in a beautiful dream. Various styles of progressive music, house, techno, trance, dub, enable everyone to feel great in a whirl of dancing.



  DJ's fulfil the space with the exciting music, and only the whirl of people having fun on the dancefloor is seen.  



The neon colour is cold and unreal. It embodies spirituality, divinity and fantasy. It frees from tension, thoughts and materiality.





No one remained dry. Everybody was seized by the movement in the whirl of rhythm on the dancefloor.





Georgeous and flirting girls make every man melt like an ice cube in a glass of whiskey.




The journey is ending. Before returning to reality have a look in a few more distinct photos. Good luck in reality!